September 22nd Hatchet Carving Basics

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September 22nd Hatchet Carving Basics

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About the Instructor:

Emilie Rigby has been carving green wood and making spoons for 8 years. She has traveled across the country, teaching woodworking and outdoor skills. She landed in Portland, OR in 2017 where she ran a teaching wood shop for a prominent outdoor skills company. With 6 years of teaching experience, she has taught people aged 8 to 80 how to carve spoons. She is a self-professed “crazy spoon lady” because she has made thousands of wooden spoons. Her classes are full of useful tips and tricks, metaphors for life, and terrible (amazing) puns.

What to Bring

  • A notebook and writing utensil

  • Water bottle and snacks

  • Work gloves (optional)

  • Whatever tools you have that you want to talk about (optional)


What to Expect

Hatchets are an incredibly useful tool that can be dangerous if used improperly. In this 3 hour class, students will learn:

  • How to use a hatchet safely

  •  Basic hatchet anatomy and maintenance including sharpening and storage

  • Safe wood splitting and carving techniques

  • How to use a hatchet to turn logs into blanks for cooking spoons.

  • How to safely use a knife and a hook knife to finish shaping their wooden spoons.

. At the end of the class, students will have all the knowledge they need to wield this powerful tool safely, as well as a hatchet-carved wooden spoon. Students will have the option to purchase a hatchet both ahead of time or at the end of class, but are also welcome to bring in their own hatchet. The hatchets we will be using are forged by Robin Wood in the UK. Their lightweight design and mirror sharp edge make them great carving hatchets for beginners as well as more experienced carvers. 

Women/LGBTQ+/POC are welcome and encouraged to attend. For scholarship information please email

If you would like to contribute to the scholarship fund, select the Class + Scholarship option at checkout.

This class will be located in our indoor wood shop off Division st in SE Portland, OR.

Time: 1 PM to 4 PM Sunday September 22nd.

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